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Ethical & Independent Christmas Gift Guide!

So, it’s that time of year again where we are all looking to buy special gifts for our loved ones for Christmas, but given the current climate crisis and the fact that fast fashion is such a negative force on people and the environment, why not make this a year of change?

Why not, instead of supporting cheaply made fast fashion chains whose garments will break after only a few wears, why not purchase gifts for your loved ones that will last, are unique and made using handcrafted skills and support artisans and independent ethical designers in the process. With Black Friday seeing Brits alone spend £7billion last year, imagine what good we could do if even a fraction of that was spent on ethically and sustainably made products instead of cheaply made, mass produced ones? Let’s turn black Friday into the start of a green Christmas!

We meet a lot of interesting people during our various trade shows and pop ups and we thought we would put together this list of some of the fabulous ethical & sustainable designers we’ve met along the way (as well as ourselves, of course!)
Edward Mongzar Silk Hand Marbled Shirt Velvet Black Orange

Edward Mongzar (Us!)

First up is...ourselves! We create hand marble dyed, 100% silk pieces that would be a perfect gift for someone special in your life, whether that be your partner, mother, sister or daughter. If you’re looking to spend a little more to buy something beautiful that she can love for a long time and know has been made in a way that respects people & the environment, then shop away!

You can shop our NEW Autumn / Winter 20 collection HERE!

Yala Jewellery Ring Bracelet
Yala Jewellery

Second up is Yala Jewellery; Yala is the first B Corp certified jewellery company in the UK. In their own words, “Yala comes to you from the hands of many talented individuals. Our company is built on social values, to improve the lives of others by creating financial opportunities for skilled artisans, demonstrating their talent, while maintaining a low environmental impact. We connect with our artisans on a personal level by visiting and keeping in touch with them - not just as colleagues, but as friends. We facilitate weekly workshop visits from team members based in Kenya to ensure everyone has a safe, happy work environment to create our high quality jewellery”.

We think their jewellery would be just perfect for all of those Christmas parties and Christmas dinners you’ll be attending over the holiday period!

Below are some of our favourite pieces of theirs, which you can shop along with all of their many other gorgeous items HERE!

Blonde Gone Rogue Denim Jacket

Blonde Gone Rogue

Next we have Blonde Gone Rogue, a fantastic womenswear label that is run by sisters Gergana and Denitsa (who, just for personal reference, are two of the sweetest people we have ever met). They create the most wonderful pieces from off the roll fabrics which would otherwise have gone to waste.

The idea behind the brand is “to produce high quality womenswear with a playful twist. Our designs are an expression of who we are - young, passionate and free. We create to have fun and we hope that this energy spreads through our garments to the people who choose to wear them!” For the fun and free ladies in your life, their pieces are the perfect gift!

You can shop their whole collection HERE!

Tokku Hoodie Jacket Japanese Denim

For the more relaxed look and for those more chilled out days over the Christmas period, we have Tokkou, a Japanese streetwear brand that creates really cool and relaxed pieces out of Japanese denim. “TOKKOU is a contemporary Japanese fashion house brand based in London with traditional Japanese roots at its core. TOKKOU’s cutting edge designs take inspiration from Japanese youth subculture called Bousou-zoku”.

We personally love their unisex cotton sweatpants and cotton unisex hoodie, we think they’d make a perfect combo for those days you just want to sink into the sofa and relax after all the hard work of the season!

You can shop the full collection, including their black X-mas collection, HERE!

Skylence Dress Independent Designer

Another one of our favourite labels that we have met through pop ups is Skylence! With a focus on blending the clean lines of European design with Chinese cultural and historical details, Skylence, the designer, creates elegant and timeless pieces.

In her own words “Our designs adopt a simple, elegant and high-end silhouette synonymous with timeless European style. These are then adorned with intricate detailing from embroidery, woven patterns and trims all inspired by traditional Chinese art and culture”. As well as being a lovely person, Skylence is a fantastic designer and we are sure you’re going to love her pieces!

You can shop this dress and all of Skylence’s wonderful pieces HERE!

Brimstone Hats Independent Designer

If you or your loved one is a hat person then we have the perfect brand for you, Brimstone creates unique hats which each have a story and the designer, Sophie, has a big focus on upcycling materials and reducing the carbon footprint of the production process.

Sophie herself says “Brimstone was born out of my love of hats and desire to design accessories which have been inspired by people, places and things which left lasting impressions on me. I love the idea of creating timeless pieces which each have their own story”.

You can shop her unique hats HERE!

Asmuss Clothing Athleisure

Next up Asmuss, who create seasonless pieces that are perfect for those of us who love the great outdoors (and would be a perfect gift for those who might be looking to get fit just after the holiday period). In their own words “we create clothing for women with a spirit of adventure.

Blending great design, technical fabrics & function, our clothes can take you anywhere in the world, while treading lightly on it”.

They also use the most innovative fabrics, made from recycled polyester and tencel. “The TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres are derived from sustainable wood sources. It has many benefits which include strength, sheen, drape, breathability, thermal regulation and odour control.

The recycled polyester comes from Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified post consumer waste such as single use plastic bottles”. You really should read more about their temperature regulating, odour preventing materials HERE!

And of course you can shop all of their pieces HERE!

Aevum Designer Bags


For bag lovers we have Aevum bags, with a wide range of products, all of which would make fabulous Christmas gifts. From a full sized handbag as a main gift to their wallets and phone cases which would make perfect stocking fillers, they have something for everyone. Plus, added gifting bonus, their pieces are customisable!

A bit about them_ “After a long phase of research we developed a handbag with a customizable interior. This was made possible thanks to a system of lightly magnetised snap buttons. Our functional accessories can be easily and securely attached to the interior of the tote”.

You can purchase all of their wonderful Italian made pieces HERE!

Tabitha James Kraan Haircare
Tabitha James Kraan

If it’s hair care you’re looking for, we have the solution in organic Marie Claire award winning hairdresser Tabitha James Kraan and husband Dennes ethical and sustainable hair care collection!

For those in your life with luscious locks, why not gift them a thoughtful set of hair care products that is friendly to both her hair and the environment? They have great gift sets for Christmas and you can even pop into their own hair salon.

Pictured here is their new sustainable refillable dry shampoo gift set which they have available for both dark and light hair, both of which can be found on the website. You can shop all of their products HERE!

Vitruvian Man Mens Skincare
Vitruvian Man

And finally, last but certainly by no means least, for the men in your lives, why not gift them organic and sustainably made, expertly researched skincare? Vitruvian Man is a brand we met at a pop up and the founder, Vivian is extremely talented.

”Vitruvian Man is a plant base men’s skincare range engineered especially for today’s man. 100% natural and organic. We pick high-performance botanical ingredients blended with essential oils to calm and enrich the skin and senses. Our Vitruvian Man Duo promote the importance of self- care and prepare your skin from the constant change of climate inside and out.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our brand cares for modern men and women beyond their skincare regimes. 3% of all Vitruvian Man profits are donated to charities committed to improving mental health and wellness”.

Pictured here is the Vitruvian Man Duo set, a perfect gift for Christmas!

You can learn more about Vitruvian Man & shop their products HERE!

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