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Edward Mongzar operates a very stringent privacy policy in order to keep all of our customer’s information as safe as possible. We do not share any of your personal information with any third parties, except if asked specifically to do so by law enforcement. Our privacy policy is GDPR compliant and you have the right to contact us at any time to see what information we hold about you and request for us to remove it or change it. 

Edward Mongzar may store names, addresses & some other personal details in order to create your customer account, process orders or help you to auto-fill your delivery and billing address when placing your order; you will be made aware when you are giving us these details and can contact us at anytime to amend or remove them from our website. Our website will also ask you for financial details when placing your order but please note that this information is not visible to us and is stored on Shopify's secure servers.

Edward Mongzar uses a secure online financial system to process all payments so that we are never personally in possession of your personal financial details. 

This policy may be altered according to the changing needs of privacy in the future and withholds the right to change this policy without notice, therefore it’s suggested that visitors to the site check this section often to ensure they are aware of the most recent policy. By ordering an item through, you agree to these terms of service. reserves the right to all images and the information relating to our brand on this website. These images and information may not be used for any purpose other than promoting or as otherwise agreed. All of the content on this website is subject to UK Copyright laws and therefore cannot be coped, photocopied or reproduced in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Edward Mongzar. Distribution of any of these materials, in whole or in part for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited unless an agreement with Edward Mongzar is made in advance. Written requests for permissions should be emailed to:

(Last Updated 15th July 2020)

Cookie Policy

Edward Mongzar may use cookies to help make using our site more user friendly. These cookies are small files which are stored on our servers and are sent by your computer, laptop, mobile or other device. These cookies perform two roles, one is that they allow you to be remembered when you visit the site again in the future, to remember language preferences and location. Secondly, it allows our site to store things you have placed into your shopping cart to be remembered so that you may complete a checkout at a later time whilst visiting our website. These cookies are designed to enable you to have a better and more personalised experience whilst accessing our website. 

By continuing to use, you agree to allow these cookies to be accessed and placed onto your device. For further information about cookies, please visit

Please note that some of our products are also available for sale on third party platforms online and Edward Mongzar has no control over their terms, privacy policies and cookie policies and cannot be held in any way liable for any negative consequences you may experience whilst using these sites. 

(Last Updated 15th July 2020)