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Marble Mélange


Marble Mélange 

Edward Mongzar Hand Marbled Silk Button Up Dress

 The Marble Melange collection blends and harmonises the vivid summery marbling from our Marble Haze collection and transitions into an interseasonal colder mood.

The pieces fuse luxury and elegance with the familiar comfort of more casual silhouettes. Warm hues of marbled coral yellows contrasted against the darker blues and greys; bring subtle yet tender warmth to the collection. Edward has playfully combined textures, mixing marbled fabrics with soft velvets to add an understated flare of drama to each piece; the collection creates dimensional intrigue by blending ruffles, an assortment of cuffs and clean, yet exaggerated collars and sleeves.

The colour palette is mildly Earthed and mid-toned. Coral shades of green, orange and yellow sit on the brighter spectrum whilst nude pastel beige, grey and black preside on the silent muted spectrum, giving the collection a versatility that stretches beyond the seasons. Edward remains true to his belief in effortless elegance, pairing simple silhouettes in silk, with classic soft details and adding sophisticated femininity to his pieces.

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