Marble Haze

Our story for SS19 is an evolution of the story that we began telling with our very first collection, Marble Mist. Remaining true to the gentle poise and simple elegance that he believes in, Edward Mongzar has continued to use the artisanal practice of hand marbling to tell a story. When marbling, Edward attempts to capture the subtle nuances and natural flow of the colour swirling on the water; impressing upon the fabric a serene colour effect. The resulting patterns are as free and gentle as the paint on the water. All of the fabric for this collection has been hand marble dyed by Edward himself, showing his dedication to his work and his passion for marblingThe pursuit and inspiration of the Marble Haze collection were to capture the spirit of 'summer on a plate'; using simple silhouettes with quiet but striking details. Marble Haze is the kind of summer that just doesn't want to end, one that is long, warm and brings a hue of natural, vibrant colours to the landscape as everything thrives. A summer that is infectious with a liberating ambience.In keeping with Edward's strong beliefs in being ethically conscious and maintaining a sustainable approach within the brand, less than 25 litres of recycled water were used to dye the 100 metres of fabric used in this collection. No electricity was used during the dyeing and drying processes, with each hand marbled piece being dried in the natural heat of the sun. We ensure that those involved in our supply chain in the UK pay their workers fairly and practice a good ethical code.