Marble Mirage

Marble Mirage is an ode to the warmth of summer and relaxed vibes of pop culture and colours, accompanied by a bohemian sense of cool. The marbling is toned down to almost blend in, disappearing into the sheen of the soft silk; creating the illusion of movement, much like a desert mirage. Updated with a mixture of more sedate tonal shifts & casual colour blocking offer up some respite from the constant sensory bombardment of fictive perfection. Edward has successfully captured the freedom he sees in the hand marble dyeing process, free from any bounds and in constant animation. Classic silhouettes fused with quirky yet basic details on the delicate marble dyed fabrics, along with the rich textures of the silks in georgettes and satins, come together to create soft and free flowing pieces with an ethereal feminine air. The unique yet easily wearable styles are perfectly suited for the races, weddings and all of those summery occasions in between. The collection continues Edward Mongzar’s strong commitment to ethically conscious and sustainably made pieces and affords the Edward Mongzar woman the ultimate luxury – a clear conscience. You can trust that all of our pieces are made in safe working conditions, by people who are paid fairly and respected. Our hand marble dyeing process involves recycling water to reduce water consumption and waste and all of the dyed fabrics are dried in the sun’s natural heat, therefore reducing our use of electricity. The best of all? Part of Edward Mongzar’s collection is also produced here in Britain, so not only can you be sure that your pieces are ethically made, but you will also be supporting artisans and craftsmanship here in the UK.

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